New technology of cautious freezing
AEF (Acoustic Extra Freezing)
Nobody will distinguish the defrosted product from fresh!

The cost of a typical camera for
5 tons - from 7 500 000

Acoustic freezing of vegetables

One of the limiting factors in trading vegetable products is limited shelf life. This causes the price spike and significant losses in the off-season. Shock acoustic freezing allows you to sell fresh vegetables at any time of the year, completely preserve the taste and vitamin content, reduce weight loss products. Our company is ready to make to order the equipment for shock acoustic freezing of vegetables at its own production near Moscow, in Shchyolkovo, the Moscow region.

So why the acoustic freezing of vegetables and not the traditional shock cooling in freezers? There are a number of reasons for this:
The maximum possible preservation of vitamins, taste and other consumer properties in frozen foods.
Frozen AEF vegetables lose up to 30% less mass compared to the possibilities of a simple shock method.
High reliability and resistance to equipment failure due to its double duplication.
Fully automated cooling process controlled by the ice processor. Additionally it can have a semiautomatic device for capping the container and other equipment.
The possibility of long-term storage of vegetables for a period exceeding all other methods of freezing - up to 15 months.
Up to 25% increase in the rate of freezing vegetables.

Features of the acoustic technology of shock freezing

Unlike the usual shock freezing of vegetables in low-temperature chambers, where the restriction of the growth of ice crystals is achieved by increasing the cooling rate of the product in chambers equipped with the AEF system, the shape of the microcrystals is formed due to the action of acoustic resonating vibrations.

What does it give?
Suffice to say that only the AEF system makes it possible to obtain frozen raw potatoes, which can be cooked after defrosting without compromising the taste of the dishes. Unlike shock freezing, the ice mass is not released from the products, and the process of splicing ice crystals and breaking the structure of tissues in vegetables begins not earlier than 15 months later.
An economic role plays an important role in the introduction of new technology, and therefore we propose to buy equipment for shock acoustic freezing of vegetables at the manufacturer's price, provide a full range of turnkey services - design, installation and maintenance of equipment.
Due to a significant decrease in ice crystals and their special form, the structure of tissues and a set of vitamins, as well as flavor and other consumer qualities of the products, are preserved. In fact, unfrozen vegetables are no different from fresh vegetables, but they can be stored for a long time.

Types of equipment

The company "Microshock" offers for freezing vegetables various solutions for commercial
and industrial purposes.
Freezing cabinets with a capacity of up to 20 kg/h.
Freezing chambers with one trolley - convenient loading and unloading of vegetables, productivity up to 50 kg per hour.
Cameras of acoustic shock freezing under two carts with a capacity of up to 5 tons per day.
Tunnel chamber with a capacity of 1 ton per hour and a length of 10 to 40 meters equipped with a conventional or vibrating conveyor.
Chambers with 4 to 6 trolleys. The possibility of freezing from 150 kg of vegetables per hour.
Spiral tunneling chambers for acoustic freezing. Equipped with a preliminary mini tunnel in which the AEF system delivers acoustic signals at various stages of product freezing.
Individual solutions - manufacturing of equipment and workshops for shock freezing of fruits and vegetables for any customer requirements with a capacity of 10 tons per day with the installation of the necessary options.
Ask questions to our specialists, use the unique services of our company. We have the experience and capacities to manufacture and equip the department and the line of shock acoustic freezing of vegetables of any complexity anywhere in Europe and are ready to offer the best solution for your business!


The taste and juiciness

The taste and juiciness of cooked
dishes does not differ
from chilled ones.

15% more weight
than after a shock freezing.

The speed of freezing is
faster by 25%.

Up to 10 years of work without preventive activities and maintenance because the camera does not have moving parts.

Energy consumption does not exceed 200 W per 1 m3 for systems freezing of batch operation (chambers or tile systems) and 300 W for tunnels.

Products can be stored for up to 15 months in ordinary freezers with a temperature of -18 ° C.
After 15 months, the process of splicing crystals and destruction of the structure of the tissues of the products begins (in the case of shock freezing, the process begins in 1-2 months).
3 years warranty
In the event of a failure of up to 25% of the equipment, the system can be temporarily configured for an emergency mode with increased energy consumption and operate in this mode up to 30 days
Repair of any complexity (except for heavy mechanical damage) is done within 2-3 hours
Improving programs or connecting sensors (ice testing) is performed in a few minutes by the manufacturer's representative
Ice Processor

The algorithm of acoustic freezing is controlled by the Ice Processor,
the program which is downloaded from an Apple computer through the USB connector

Ice Processor has a 2-fold
duplication and even the failure
of a part of the system does not deprive it
of its operability


The meaning of acoustic freezing AEF includes in the production of microcrystalline ice products of a special form, which is many times smaller than the size of the cells of the product. Thanks to which the fabric of the product does not change much - the juiciness, freshness, taste and weight of the product are as close as possible to the state before freezing.

Fresh product Shock freezing Acoustic freezing

The secret is in special sound resonating with the products, which during the freeze control the growth of ice crystals, limiting their size.

Sound (acoustic) waves, as it were, smash the formed ice crystals, resonating with them, not allowing to grow and damage the tissues of the product.

Read the article of VNIRO * - comparison of the results of acoustic and shock freezing
* All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Fishery and Oceanography

The AEF freezing system is:

Traditional freezer (shock freezing chamber) with a temperature of -40C, manufactured using conventional refrigeration technologies (external compressors pump into the chamber).

The acoustic camera can be airy, tiled (vertical or horizontal), liquid (including alcohol). The design of a spiral or horizontal tunnel is possible.

Traditional freezer (freezing chamber) with a temperature of -40C, manufactured using conventional refrigeration technologies (external compressors pump cold into the chamber).

There are acousters inside the camera around the perimeter - frames made of stainless steel AISI 0304.

Trolleys with products are transported inside the "tunnel" of the speakers.

Acoustics impact acoustic waves on products all the time of the freezing cycle.

The minimum price of acoustic equipment for shock
freezing - from 990 000
The cost of a typical freezer for 5 tons - from 7 500 000

Standard Acoustic Freezers

Up to 25 kg / hour
1 040 000 р.
Power Consumption, kWh, not more than 2,0
Rated voltage, V 230
Useful freezer volume, m3 0,33
Useful volume air temperature, °С, not more than from +90 to -35
Product cooling temperature, °С from +90 to +3
Cooling time, min 90
Product freezing temperature, °С from +90 to -18
Freezing time, min 60
Refrigerant number R404A
Total refrigerant mass, kg 1,7
Freezer number of shelves, items 10
Size of the used trays GN 1/1 or 600х400 mm
Product weight for cooling, kg 42
Product weight for freezing, kg 25
Dimensions, mm 800х890х1590
Weight, kg 182
Up to 40 kg / hour
1 140 000 р.
Power Consumption, kWh, not more than 2,5
Rated voltage, V 230
Useful freezer volume, m3 0,8
Useful volume air temperature, °С, not more than from +50 to -35
Product cooling temperature, °С from +50 to +3
Cooling time, min 90
Product freezing temperature, °С from +50 to -18
Freezing time, min 60
Refrigerant number R404A
Total refrigerant mass, kg 2,2
Freezer number of shelves, items 20
Size of the used trays 2xGN 1/1 or 600х800 mm or 2х600х400 mm
Product weight for cooling, kg 80
Product weight for freezing, kg 40
Dimensions, mm 850х890х2200
Weight, kg 240
Up to 1000 kg / hour
7 500 000 р.
Equipping your freezer with the AEF technology
1 490 000 р.

The acoustics are controlled by the Ice Processor with special programs. The program is customized for each type of products (vegetables, mushrooms, fish, meat, semi-finished products, ready-made meals, slicing and others).

After acoustic freezing, the products are stored in a conventional refrigerator with a temperature of -18 ° C.

All the products frozen in the AEF system should be stored in vacuum bags that prevent the sublimation of ice and the drying of the outer part of the product (cold sublimation).


The Vnukovo Airport power plant noted the quality of the on-board products is exceptionally high.
Conclusion of the laboratory of the Institute of Meat Industry named after Gorbatov:

Studies conducted by different methods have shown that acoustic freezing technology AEF allows to obtain a product closer in acidity, quantity of protein and microscopic structure of tissue to freshly caught fish, which leads to obtaining a product of higher quality.



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